Kevin’s Story

Hola everyone, My name is Kevin from Ecuador.  This lovely lady with purple hair came to take my photos.  She asked me how I found my home. About 3 years ago, my crew and I where on the streets of Cuenca, Ecuador.  I might be small but I was tuff and used my cuteness to my advantage. One day we (my 4 dog crew) stopped at a house in the north part of Cuenca.  This house smelled like bread. Just like anyone, I love some warm bread. So I turned on the charm and worked my magic. These puppy dog eyes are a human’s weakness.  Turns out she was having some family over to visit. Hmmmm that means fresh bread was coming! At first I was a little nervous. See us street dogs, we have learned not to stay around to long.  Then Karina scooped me up. I wasn’t sure at first what she was going to do, but then she had bread! Now I live with her and a couple of mouthy cats. Don’t worry the cats know how to listen and I’m still the king.  Just now I rule a warm, loving home instead of the cold streets.  

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