Only MacDonald’s for me. Last week I visited a wonderful ranch in Scottsdale, AZ. Here are some photos from the adventure at the best MacDonald’s in Arizona. It’s by far the only one I could give 5 stars. Pumpkins, goats, horses and lot’s of fun activities for everyone.

Hola everyone, My name is Kevin from Ecuador.  This lovely lady with purple hair came to take my photos.  She asked me how I found my home. About 3 years ago, my crew and I where on the streets of Cuenca, Ecuador.  I might be small but I was tuffContinue Reading

Woof everyone, My name is Austin.  It’s actually Austin Thomas Burns but that’s only when I am in trouble.  Here is my story, about how I became an assistant and treat tester at Purple Pet Photography.    It was nice spring day in Atlanta, Ga and I was tired andContinue Reading