Austin’s Story

Woof everyone, My name is Austin.  It’s actually Austin Thomas Burns but that’s only when I am in trouble.  Here is my story, about how I became an assistant and treat tester at Purple Pet Photography.    It was nice spring day in Atlanta, Ga and I was tired and hungry. I was walking down Austin Ave, and I was following my nose looking for food.  There was a door open and out came the most AMAZIZNG smells! It was beef, pork and kindness. I walked in and picked up a pig ear, ymmmmmm. No one yelled at me when I went in the corner and ate it.  Actually they seemed very nice. They did look me over several times. Asked if they could help me even. They noticed that I was naked too. No collar or anything. I don’t mind being naked but they sure did.  This nice lady told me I was a good boy. She then gave me a bath. I didn’t mind at all, I was starting to notice a bad smell. Turns out the smell was me! Then she gave me a collar! It was purple and matched her hair.  Turns out she was looking for a dog to test treats and answer some emails, all in exchange for all the love I could handle. I sure needed it. She even takes my picture too when we look for locations to take other dogs. I don’t mind sharing my treat testing job but only once in a while. 

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