Greetings and WOOF

Welcome to Purple Pet Photography. We are so happy you stopped by to visit. So, what is pet photography? It is a way to capture the personality of you beloved pet. Dog, cats, lizards, and even birds; I have photographed them all. If you are thinking “my dog could never be still for a photo”, trust me they can, it just takes patience and a little motivation. Pets are a lot like some kids, they listen to a stranger more than their parents. In these photos all they dogs look like they are trained very well and some are, most are not. Some are even on leash. It’s part of the editing process to remove leashes, come collars and perhaps cover up any blemishes. This could include blending out fur to cover recent surgery, removing those pesky eye boogies and tear stains.

Our furkids are only with us for a short time, and professional photos are a way to keep them close to us much longer. If you do a session when they are a young vibrant tennis ball obsessed 3 year old pup or when they are older and have a little grey in their muzzle; photos help keep them close for your lifetime.

You might be thinking “I take photos of my pup all the time with my phone”, That’s great! However, are they ones you would use to create art work? Ones you can hang on the wall? Probably not. This is where we get involved. During your complimentary consultation, we work together on concepts, style and color that fits you home. If you decorate with bright yellow colors, then a sunset landscape might fit your style. If you decorate with modern greys and bold graphics, then an abstract print of your dogs paw prints may be your favorite. Everyone and every pup is different.

What is a session all about? Once we determine your style we set up a location. This location could be in a local park, in the city, on one of the many hiking trails or in studio. In certain circumstances it might be at home. Most dogs do better in a different location. Especially, those that are territorial. We have a list of fun locations that are perfect for your session, no matter the style you choose.

During the session, which might be an hour to 3 hours. It really depends on your pup, how comfortable they are around the camera. I also like to work in breaks, they candid moments and some of the photo opportunities they create are some of our clients favorites. I ask that you wear clothing that is comfortable but neutral in color and with little to no prints.

Next Steps…

Are you ready to see your pet in a work of art?